Food Court

Splash World, features a full restaurant, an outdoor Cabana for fingers foods, and a Snack and Ride section for kids. Our restaurant serves both local and continental buffet and packed dishes, the Cabana serves barbecue hot, finger foods, hot and spicy local grills, various meat dishes on local fries or grilled bananas. Virgin Cocktails and local drink mixes are available to quench the thirst of the warm tropics. Children’s snack bites and ride section boasts of international and local snacks: popcorn, popsicle, snow cones, slushy, tomato fries, pies, cakes, and pizza. SplashWorld gives you a taste of the continental, orientals, and tropics.

Restaurant & Bar

Food Court & Drink Station: An indoor Food court offers local and international dishes: buffet, packaged, or a la carte style, served with drinks.

The Cabana & Cocktail Bar: An outdoor grill for finger foods and a Lounge for cocktails & local drinks.Come, lets treat you to a dish you can’t resist, with a view of the mountains and the calmness of nature.

Book a Meal

Purchase a voucher at the online store before your arrival. Take advantage of our packaged deals: Order your passes and Meal vouchers prior to your visit. (Cheaper online)


Chicken Burger
Beef Burger

Pies & Pastries

Fish Roll
Meat Pie
Chicken Pie
Sausage Roll


Chicken Club Sandwich
Tuna Fish Sandwich with Mayonnaise

Finger Foods

Peppered Beef
Peppered Snail
Peppered Chicken (1/4 chicken)
Grilled Fish

Packed Meals

Fried Rice with Chicken(2 pieces)
Jollof Rice with Chicken (2 pieces)


Fish & Fries/chips
Chicken (1/4) & Fries
Fries Only


Cup cakes
Cakes (decorated – call to order) for Birthdays
Pizza Bread Roll


Assorted Ice Cream
Pop Corn
Snow Cones
Candy Cane
Cotton Candy


Bottled Drinks

Local Cocktails

Single Meal

Double meal

Slushie treats